Inhale or Exhale?

  In General: On the Inhalation, you want your lungs to be able to fully expand, drawing energy into your body. The inhalation will help to lengthen your spine, fully engaging your body in the pose and creating space. The Exhalation is the warming, relaxing phase of your breath. During the exhalation, your mind is quite and your body has the opportunity to release into the space that your inhalation creates.

Inhale – Body opens

Exhale – Body folds

Inhale – Back

Exhale – Forward

Inhale – Up

Exhale – Down

Inhale – Energy in

Exhale – Tension out, relax

Inhale – Lengthen spine

Exhale – Release further into pose

Inhale – Direct breath to point of resistance

Exhale – Feel warmth circulating there

Inhale – Belly and ribcage expand

Exhale – Belly and ribcage relax back together

Inhale – “I am”

Exhale – “relaxed”

You will find exceptions to this guideline in your practice. What is most important, is that you Breathe!


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