“I have been going to Balance and Bliss for several years, for an Ayurvedic evaluation, massages, garshana, abhyanga, shirodhara and Ayurvedic supplements, foods and other products.  Every time I enter Balance and Bliss, I have a feeling of tranquility and wonderful peace.  Denise herself has a serene, comforting presence, as well as bringing a knowledge of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatments that far exceeds other practitioners.

The massages are transformative.  I feel transported to a place somewhere between total relaxation and light sleep, a heavenly place to be.  The scents of the various Ayurvedic oils are mixed together for each person, and are beautiful and soothing.

Shirodhara, the warm oil which is dripped onto the forehead (with special attention to the third eye area) is an experience unlike any other I’ve ever had.  It’s almost other-worldly.  I had this performed at a spa once, many years ago, and the difference was profound.  This is a gentle, lovely, warm experience, in the hands of a highly experienced Ayurvedic practitioner.

The dry brushing (garshana) is another wonderful experience.  It’s especially terrific when paired with the abhyanga, warm oil treatment.

All of the products that I have purchased from Balance and Bliss over the years have been of the highest quality, and have been helpful in maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle.

There is no place I’ve ever known like Balance and Bliss that is so tranquil, lovely and transformative.


L.B., St. Petersburg, FL

“Just wanted to tell you that I love the abhyanga oil. It smells so great and feels great on my skin. The tea is amazing. And the Nasya oil works exactly as you said it would. After you did the shirodhara I left the oil in my hair and washed it the next day and my hair felt so soft. Thanks again for everything.”

T.C. – Tampa, Florida
“Since our consultation, I have started subtly losing weight.  In the past 6 weeks I have lost 9 pounds.  It is exciting and long overdue.  Thank you for being a part of my life.  My roscea is cleared up; my itchy scalp is history.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! “

J.A., Nebraska


“Denise is a miracle worker! I’m so appreciative of her gentle care and astute knowledge. My Panchakarma retreat was the best investment I have made in years.
M.S. Tampa FL
“Denise and Kevin I had a fun day working with you! The yoga and Ayurvedic treatment combination was great. The continuing feeling of being wholly (holy) integrated is exceptional. My head, shoulders and connection my lower body is smooth. My tissues are ‘breathing’ fully. I look forward to another day of balance and bliss. Namaste’”
T.S Sebring FL
“Thank you again for the Shirodhara. It did the trick and I have been so focused and productive this weekend. I know that Shirodhara needs to be part of my regular routine. Thanks again, Namaste’”
K.H. St Petersburg FL
“I don’t think I’ve told you how much I have enjoyed the tea and abhyanga oil that you made for me! I can’t remember if I told you that my cat Luna loves to smell the tea jar when I open it! She comes out from wherever she is to smell the tea jar.”
L.H. Riverview FL


“Thank you so much Denise and Kevin for our Panchakarma experience. We are so impressed with your care and our results were amazing. Thank you and we will see us annually.”

R. & D.R. Tampa FL


“Thanks so much for the speedy delivery of tea and oils! I thought you would like to know that my sleep has improved significantly since I started using the sleepytime milk! If I get up in the middle of the night, I fall back asleep immediatly. It’s like magic…bless you. I have also started slowly but surely adding your recommendations  for my daily dincharya and am really enjoying these new parts of my day.”

E.G.S. Saint Petersburg, FL


“I enjoyed the consultation in the afternoon very much. It gave me a chance to see and understand the (Panchakarma) process better and to understand why I was feeling the way that I did. In (my last Panchakarma) I did not have consultations each day nor did I have yoga.” 

J.S. Saint Petersburg, FL


“All your special details made a difference such as the flowers, music and the books to borrow.”

R.M. Saint Petersburg, FL


“In regards to the PK treatment; it was excellent. I enjoyed all the massages, consultations, yoga class… Your Panchakarma was better than my first one for several reasons. First, I was able to stay overnight which helped to give me time to rest and write in my journal. I enjoyed not having T.V. and I felt I could come and ask you for help or ask you any questions if I needed to do so. You have a wonderful way of making people feel like it is okay to ask for anything.  The different massage treatments were a good idea. This gave me a chance to experience something new and it kept things fun.”

J.N.K. San Francisco, CA


“I have been doing well, thanks to your recommendations and the treatment I received.  The yoga you prescribed was right-on, I’ve been doing my daily abhyanga, and I’ve really seen some healthy improvement.  I recently visited “home” which isMinneapolisand my old friends were impressed with how centered I am. I even have lost a little weight.  Your recommendations have been very helpful!”

M.K. Atlanta, GA


No better title than Balance & Bliss! Denise and Kevin have reached the peace we all wish for and can have at Balance & Bliss.The balance of the right energy that Denise has offered to me and my family over the years and the bliss of her beauty, kind heart and loving touch she offers when you stay for even a short visit or week long stay at Balance & Bliss. If you desire a peaceful, new life experience or just need to relax I strongly suggest you contact Denise Today!”

J. O’C.Fort Myers, FL


“I want to thank you for the wonderful experience my sister, mom and I had at Balance & Bliss! It was greater than I would have ever imagined!”

E.R.Tampa, FL


“As a Medical Doctor I have been provoked to seek answers beyond my training.  My time with you for Panchakarma was life changing.  Thank-you”



 “I love my Vata room spray.  When ever things get to be too much at work, I spray it away.”

M.J. Palmetto, FL


“Please send more tea.  I have been sharing it with my co-workers and we all seem to be having a better day.  Thanks.” 

M.E.Miami, FL


“The massage was not like the deep tissue massages I normally get.  It took a while but by the next day I realized that the Ayurveda massage had cleared me.  I slept like normal but I was up and at ‘em the next morning, unlike my normal ‘drag myself out of bed’ routine.”

A.G.Dade City, FL


“Thank-you for all your caring and support, I have been under so much stress with work and the failing health of my Father.  It is funny sometimes how you find things just when you need them.  Ayurveda is amazing and you are the best person to be helping people understand it.”

D.O.Sarasota, FL


“Denise is a miracle worker! I’m so appreciative of her gentle care and astute knowledge. My Panchakarma retreat was the best investment I have made in years.
M.S. Tampa FL


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